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Decolonising Climate Justice


This programme will address the historical and current colonial structure of climate policy and climate injustice. This programme will not only focus on decolonising the relationship between people and institutions but primarily on colonial power over the natural world. 

Programme components:

  1. We will readdress some basic knowledge about colonialism, with sub-components discussing the historical development, and the political and geographical structure of colonialism. 

  2. This knowledge will then be applied to understanding climate justice and ecology. Students will develop a better understanding of the tensions between colonialism and climate change, and understand how this tension has come into being (main actors, historical development. Most importantly they will discuss how this tense relationship can be changed.

  3. After having discussed the past, we will discuss the future. As such we will open a conversation about reparations and recovery.


Participants will develop a better understanding of the institutional and social structure of colonialism. Additionaly, they learn how to apply this to questions of climate justice and ecology . 

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