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Decolonialism and postcolonialism as opposed to colonialism and coloniality. You might have already heard of these topics, and in this section I offer some suggestions for resources where you can learn more.




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Decoloniality x Feminism

Vergés, F. (2021) ‘A Decolonial Feminism. Translated by Ashley J. Bohrer’.

Decoloniality x Ecology

Hendlin, Y. H. (2014) ‘From Terra Nullius to Terra Communis: Reconsidering Wild Land in an Era of Conservation and Indigenous Rights’, Environmental Philosophy, 11(2), pp. 141–174.

Gonzalez, C. G. (2001) ‘Beyond eco-imperialism: an environmental justice critique of free trade’, Denver University Law Review, 78(4), pp. 981–1019.

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Álvarez, L. and Coolsaet, B. (2018) ‘Decolonizing environmental justice studies: a Latin American perspective’, Capitalism Nature Socialism, 0(0), pp. 1–20.


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