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Training & Teaching

Are you interested in learning more about these topics? I have developed three learning modules that can be tailored to your specific group of learners, or I can develop a learning module upon request. The courses are aimed at anyone or any organisation wanting to learn and get creative with different ways of thinking. Interested in a module for students, organisers, or policymakers? It's possible. Please click on the module to know more about the core questions we will tackle in this course.


All modules use a distinct pedagogy based on Paolo Freire's 'Pedagogy of the Oppressed'. As opposed to the passive 'banking system' of learning (teacher-student relation), I use non-hierarchical methods to stimulate communal learning, such as problem-posing education. Be ready to participate and lanced into taking action.

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Are you interested to organise a session or multi-day course on one of the above topics? Or would you like to have a course designed specifically for your purposes? Contact me below for more information.

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